Despite ongoing investigation of labor law violations at Peck, HISD awarded Carlotta Brown a $15,000 bonus

UUAA's Denetta Williams takes HISD to task over falsifications in egrant applications
*Hot Comment*
FED-UP-----Sat. and Sun. Tutorials
The district can't require your child to attend school on weekends. Teachers and students
are bullied into attending. Many principals asked their teachers to give up their SPRING
BREAK and tutor during those days. I am so glad that a parent is questioning this policy.
Thank you. Everything is about testing in HISD. Your child should not be punished for
failing the test. Keep your child home on the weekends and encourage other parents
to do the same. The only way this testing craze is going to stop is if more parents get
involved. I personally will not do any tutoring for the test. I will however tutor to help a
student that needs help with his/her classwork. Again, thanks for questioning and
standing up for your child.
ALEC, aiming for teachers unions, writes parent trigger laws 
Three things to know about parent trigger laws
Diane Ravitch: Parent trigger laws, five years later

Texas senate passes parent trigger bill
TEA touts "fifth and eighth graders perform well" on STAAR reading
Students opting out of STAAR

Math portion of STAAR test won't count in
state school ratings for grades 3 - 8

*Hot Comment*
Snapshot effectiveness?
Quote · Apr 23 2015 8:32 AM
5th and 8th Grade STAAR reading scores are out. 5th grade Reading HISD average 1528,
1 point increase over last years score of 1527. 2013 average was 1529 and 2012 average
was 1527 - so for 4 years the scores have been in a 2 point range. How long before the district
reports anything about the scores?
Brown, along with Bellaire's Michael McDonough and 18 other HISD principals,
received $15,000 bonuses in February 2015

When you regularly vote to support the abusive practices of Super-
intendent Grier and his handpicked cadre of principal/goons, you
find it so troublesome to have to vote against Grier. I mean you have
supported his abominable personnel moves for six years...why
stop now?

That's the position the spineless HISD trustees find themselves
in when faced with compelling evidence of wrong-doing by the
Grier administation's representative at Peck ES.

Kudos to HFT and the Lora Peck faculty who had the courage to
say enough is enough.

houstonisdwatch had to cite the Texas Attorney General's office
to get these documents and, at this time, there is no resolution..
Grier's tenuous tenure,,.
Currently three trustees want Grier removed. Lunceford, Stipeche,
and Eastman are definite no votes to any contract extensions. 

Wanda Adams, at this point at least, is unwilling to say she wants
Grier's contract extended.

Remember, in 2012 when HISD extended Grier's contract to 2016, the
vote was split. 

Trustee Manuel Rodriguez knows the wagons are circling around him.
He won in 2011 by just a handful of votes. He has been described by
labor leaders as the easiest trustee to defeat in 2015.

Don't underestimate the power UUAA wields at this time. Executive
Director Gerry Monroe has contacts with teachers all over the city.  He
has documentation that could incriminate the Grier administration in
grade tampering.

Finally, houstonisdwatch was advised in a confidential conversation
with an HISD trustee Grier won't be extended.
From Sterling to Walrip....because?
Principal Edward Mitchell, formerly of Sterling High School (Mitchell Edward
Sterling High School Principal, High School $98230) replaces Andria Schur at

Mitchell emerges from the botched principal hiring process when the Waltrip
community was left high and dry by an inexplicable change of day from
Wednesday to Monday to gather parent input and the rush to name Mitchell
as the new Waltrip Apollo principal.

 Dear Community, 
First, let me apologize to those of you who had seen our social media notifications for the
Wednesday Community meeting and then were not notified of the change to Monday. Please
know that I take sole responsibility for the oversight. During the change in date, we were
working diligently to get updated parent letters out with report cards on Friday, in English
and Spanish with a corresponding call-out, faculty notifications and SDMC pulled together
for Friday. I did indeed forget to go back and make corrections through our social media,
and again, greatly apologize for this oversight. Please know that this is in fact one quality
that I did express as desired and needed in your next Principal. It is my hope that not only
will he/she continue the focus on growing all academics and programs in ensuring Waltrip
becomes the Best Comprehensive High School in the state, but also increases the communication
and celebrations among all stakeholders. I hope each of you will accept my sincerest apologies.
Please see the attached link of the Principal Profile that was established, as well as my letter
sent out to Parents.
Thank you,
Andria Schur
Principal, Waltrip HS
HISD is advertising to hire 683 teachers
SSOs and Principals should be feeling be feeling extra heat

When the new administration is finally in place and self-serving board
members like Paula Harris are gone, the new superintendent should move
quickly to eliminate the superintendent's police - otherwise referred to
as SSOs - who, even according to Grier, have contributed little to
academic progress in HISD.

Grier already has his list of principals (Waltrip's Schur is on that list)
and SSOs he plans to terminate. People like Jamie Castaneda and
Justin Fuentes are probably safe. Their promotions helped Grier avoid
heat from the Hispanic community. Other than Leo Bobadilla, there just
weren't many Hispanics on the crony gravy train for Grier to pick.

Harrison Peters, high school CEO, won't be back. The principal who should
have been fired months ago, Yates' Donetrus Hill, is looking for work in

But this SSO and principal elimination, Grier's spring rite of passage,
may be spinning out of his control.

Hard evidence of credit assignment fraud and forced grade changing
by HISD administrators willing to do anything to get ahead, exists.

UUAA, playing this scenario close to the vest, has the evidence.  

Of course, we all want to see copies of it. Board members have seen the
evidence. They have the list of renegade principals and SSOs who have
broken not only state law, but federal law as well.  

Tampering with student academic records is a federal offense.,

According to UUAA sources, HISD's problem with rival Atlanta's
cheating scandal.

Jail time has been given to Atlanta's miscreants.

Grier is concerned. Resigning from HISD may be the least of his
Magnet schools hock for more applicants
Yates, Austin, Scarborough are among the HISD campuses whose
magnet programs have not filled up. HISD is holding a school choice
fair this Saturday to attract parents and students. 
Waltrip community member complains about sudden change in date
of new principal attribute meeting to Trustee Eastman.

Dear Parent:
I am very sorry about this.Administration creates and maintains the
process and 
schedule. I just learned of the change late yesterday.
I've copied those in charge for an explanation.
Sincerely, Anna 

If Eastman just learned of the change yesterday (Tuesday, April 14),
she obviously was not planning to attend the parent meeting.

Attending important parent meetings is a fundamental task required
of trustees.

Houston Chronicle's Ericka Mellon asked to see job evaluaions
for the following:
Michele Pola
Julie Baker
Alicia Thomas
Melinda Garrett
Arne Viramontes
Anne Best
Aggie Alvez
Tiffany Davila-Dunne
Dallas Dance
David Simmons
Orlando Riddick
Aaron Spence
Dana Bost
Dick Lindsay

Mellon made this request on Oct. 10, 2014.
*Why was she asking for evaluations of former employees
*Why did H. Chronicle readers never see this information?

HISD appears to be  taken off guard by Mellon's request
Questions from the Houston Chronicle's Cynthia Smith to
HISD about selection of student who will receive $10,000 scholarship

Trustee Rhonda Skillern-Jones inquires about HISD's progress
in establishing a social media monitoring platform

Nancy Gregory, Jayne Edwards & coding project
Yates Principal Hill applying for jobs in Atlanta
His protector Trustee Harris will be leaving the board in December
Texas  shows net loss of jobs
Schur asked to leave after just two years

One way to exclude parents from the process -
a strategy the Grier administration has  
perfected is to reschedule community
meetings at the last minute.

The Waltrip community meeting ostensibly
designed to hear what the community 
wants from a principal, was scheduled 
to be held Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

Apparently without notice, the meeting date
was - and this tactic always results in a
diminished turnout - moved up to Monday

The pool of principal candidates, if there was
a pool, had to speed up the process as well.

Roland Fryer and Terry Grier will pull any
subterfuge they think they can get away with
to force the Apollo concept on additional

Anna Eastman is asleep at the wheel. She not
only has shown complete indifference to the
needs of the black community schools, she is
now screwing her own constituents.

From a Bellaire HS Insider:
"Criminal acts on campuses - not the same response" generated 
rebuttal from Bellaire.

Both students involved in the fight were suspended. The district
attorney would not take charges on the students.

In short, the school took action.
*Hot Comment*
Criminal acts on campuses- not the same response
Quote · Apr 13 2015 7:36 AM

2 students get expelled from Kipp Sunnyside for making a snapchat video hating
on others. Two different nasty and violent fights at Bellaire HS and the students get
nothing! No! ticket, sent home for the day, no suspension, nothing...
back at school already. Oh.. and tell PR Spencer... not even half of the "administrators"
were even on campus on Friday like reported in his statement- but good try to cover up!
Heard two administrators were out running a marathon but they are off campus every day
out running in the early afternoon. They run through my neighborhood and I see them most

Why no action? because of the denial that these events happen on campus. HISD does
not want it written up so it is not documented so it doesn't effect ratings. A crime is a crime.
The fight on Friday and the video of the boy thrown to the floor. He was actually the instigator
and had been baiting the bigger boy who slammed the first against the floor several times.
Regardless, that boy took a hard hit to the head causing him to have a seizure.
HISD magent program perpetuate separate, not equal
Excel file

14 taken to hospital after HISD school buses crash
Lamar HS teacher: Dr. McSwain is a caring principal
First of all, I feel very safe at Lamar.  I am a first year teacher here but I have been teaching
for 30 years in  other school districts.  There are problems everywhere and they are handled
almost the same at every school.  Do you think that poor student behavior is anything new? 
My 3rd year of teaching (1983), I had a student pick up a desk and throw it across the room. 
Ten days later, he was back in my classroom.  Please, do not blame the administration(s). 
They are doing the best they can within the framework provided by local, state, and national
regulations that handcuff schools.    I love it at Lamar.  Dr. McSwain is a caring and extremely
capable administrator for whom I am proud to work.

Do you believe magnet schools are doing their designated job of helping HISD achieve the goal
of racial integration?

Looking at the school rating according to Children at Risk, and comparing it with the actual
enrollment of black and white students shows striking imbalance.

In short, and probably as you expected, white students go to the best schools, black students
fill up the programs with lower ratings by Children at Risk.

Elementary school magnet enrollment profile 1
Elementary school magnet enrollment profile 2

Two fights at Bellaire High School caught on camera, go viral
and picked up by Click2Houston
*Hot Comment*
Race Issue - no. More of a class issue. The problems that are pervasive in urban schools
are to a great extent, the desired effect of what is wrongly called "reform". Powerful people
and their useful idiots have successfully undermined public education in the poverty stricken
urban areas across the country. Their primary motivation is to privatize the system and profit
from privatization. A secondary motivation is to create a permanent underclass that reduces
competition with the truly elite class. If there are fewer highly trained and highly educated people
competing for the best opportunities, the elites can more easily pass along wealth and status to
their children. They brilliantly named this plan "reform" and the masses bought their garbage,
hook, line, and sinker. They scapegoat teachers and are creating a teacher corps that is comprised
of young adults who will teach for less that five years and then move on to a real "profession".
This keeps teachers politically weak and because so many have no intention of remaining a
teacher, the rights of teachers are quickly diminishing. I would encourage anyone considering
entering the teaching profession to reconsider and explore other career options. There are
certainly many rewarding moments in a teacher's day. But for the most part, it's a constant
beat down.
McKenzie cites Jim Crow in HISD; shames two
board members who always vote to close schools

Potential District IV trustee candidate Larry McKenzie 26:57 mark
of Citizens Hearing (use board meeting link below)
HISD April 9 board meeting video
14:25 mark of Citizens Hearing, minority contractor alleges discrimination
 in bond contract payments by Balfour Beatty group
Koch-GOP in Texas proves you can still be an idiot with a college degree
Abstinence-only education and middle-aged virgins...ah, Texas
UUAA supports Texas Parent Empowerment Act
but do Texas teachers want this bill to become law?

UUAA Executive Director addresses supporters in Austin
Texas Koch-GOP in a feeding frenzy to cut taxes, and that won't
be good for public schools

"Educate a child" should read "Ruin your career" 



Schur Andria Waltrip High School Principal,
High School $119,158

How many HISD media officials does it take to get the message out about
Kolters Code Award? Too many.

Grab-and-go board agenda
Redaction is protection, and HISD gives it to Trustee Harris even when the
subject appears to be innocuous
Jason Spencer defines talking points and Greg Meyers puts himself on agenda
right behind Grier
LULAC and Children at Risk dispute HISD's dropout rate configuration. Ericka
Mellon asks questions, and the Spencers help convey HISD's figures
What is HISD's DAC, who is on it, what's its mission?
Ericka Mellon receives Jason Spencer's message on Barbara Jordan HS
But Chronicle's coverage does not highlight the disagreements about HISD's
reconfiguration nor at least one board member's complaint that the mission
of the school has been significantly changed and no longer meets orginal
Ericka Mellon requests copies of audits - comprehensive, single, IT, superintendent's

Deloitte auditor cited "small finding" with Grier's travel. Did Houston Chronicle readers
ever see the audit or the results? 
Have been out of town working, without phone, now trying to catch up!
*Hot comment*
Does anyone care about students?
 · Apr 1 2015 7:33 AM
To 3rd Floor
Houlihan has risen at the expense of others in this district who weren't given
a shot at the job. What happened to the concept of posting a position and 
conducting interviews? So not only are we talking nepotism here, but we're
facing a situation where the same old people are making the same old decisions.
It's tired leadership without fresh ideas. 

As far as Peters goes, good grief, the man hasn't a clue. That was clear from day
one. But he was brought here by Shonda Huery, who talks and talks and talks but
moves nothing forward. 

Are we in a hopeless mess? Yes, and change is not a-coming until we elect a School
Board with the brains to look beyond the latest educational fad (Leverage Leadership
is just one example) and the guts to control an erratic, all-over-the-chessboard


Aren't these moves simply about making Andrew Houlihan, Grier's adopted
God-child, a superintendent somewhere?
*One of HISD's worst offenders who doesn't give a damn about kids or
 schools sharpens his knives for his next career jump: THAT'S YOU MENSTER!
WARNING: Before you read this crap check your gag reflex or keep a vomit
bag close by:

From: Superintendent 
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 1:19 PM
Subject: Message To Staff From Dr. Grier
Effective April 20, Chief Human Resources Officer Drew Houlihan will assume the position of Chief Academic Officer, replacing Dan Gohl, who recently accepted the same position in Broward County, Fla. Mr. Gohl will serve HISD as special assistant to the superintendent until the end of the school year, helping the district maintain the momentum of the Academics division, which, under his leadership, is successfully implementing digital curriculum, innovative teaching practices, and global education initiatives.
I am confident these positive gains will continue with Dr. Houlihan at the helm. A member of Team HISD since 2010, Dr. Houlihan previously served as Chief Officer for Major Projects and Chief School Support Officer, as well as principal of Parker Elementary School. Before joining HISD, Dr. Houlihan served in leadership roles at the local, state, and national level, in which he put teaching and learning at the forefront.
I’m also pleased to announce the addition of Gloria Cavazos to our team, replacing Dr. Houlihan as Chief Human Resources Officer on April 20. An HISD resident, Ms. Cavazos joins us from Aldine ISD, where she served as assistant superintendent of Human Resources for nine years. In her 29-year career at Aldine ISD, Ms. Cavazos served as an area superintendent, principal, assistant principal, and bilingual teacher.
A fluent Spanish speaker, Ms. Cavazos holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Texas A&M University and a master’s degree in mid-management from Sam Houston State University.
Ms. Cavazos oversaw Aldine ISD’s award of a major grant from the Arnold Foundation, Greater Houston Partnership, and the Houston Endowment to create and implement a new teacher evaluation system that emphasizes gains in student academic achievement. Under Ms. Cavazos’ leadership, Aldine ISD has become a leader in teacher recruitment and retention efforts, which we are excited to have her lead in HISD.
Please join me in welcoming Ms. Cavazos to Team HISD and congratulating Dr. Houlihan on his new position.
Terry Grier
Readers have told houstonisdwatch that Aramark, the Philadelphia based
conglomerate which does everything from plumbing (ARS) to stadium food
concessions (NRG) to school cafeteria food (HISD), nows controlling all food
sales associated with HISD campuses.

Anytime a student organization, club, or even PTO wants to sell food they have
to purchase Aramark products and agree only to sell Aramark-approved items.

houstonisdwatch has filed a TPIA request to obtain HISD's contract with the
Philadelphia company. 
Paula Harris, acting in her capacity as Director, Community Affairs, Schlumberger
Giving Ericka Mellon what she needs to write spin on Arabic Immersion School
Andrew Houlihan needs to "circle up" with Jason Spencer before providing E. Mellon

with a response
Helen Spencer most likely approved Ericka Mellon's Nov. 1 2014 report on the
struggling arts in HISD

Special meeting agenda for April 2, 2015 board meeting
HISD confirms magnet notification process maybe "confusing and intimidating"
of taking no preventive actions; HISD downplays incident
Parent blames bullying for HISD school fight
*Hot comment*

HISD's solution to the problem of kids growing up in bookless homes? Take away
more school books of course

Unfortunately, I predict the situation in the district will only get worse. More students will run
to other options, and teachers will not apply to HISD for any reasons. What now? 

The Chief Academic Officer has stated that HISD will only procure books when we as a
district are unable to create and/or curate our own instructional materials using locally
developed materials, freely available online educational resources, and subscriptions
to online resources.

As part of Proclamation 2015 for secondary, the only e-book purchases
authorized at the February board meeting were for EOC courses Algebra I and US
History. I am sure you are relieved that HISD will be covering itself by making sure
they have a reference tool for the STAAR exam courses, but the rest of the courses
have now been deemed insignificant and any materials will be created by the teacher.
How is that concept of teach what I know and forget the rest working for everyone?
Mellow Monday, Test Tuesday, Work Wednesday, Tech Thursday and Film Friday...

what a way to learn government, economics, world history, geography in the global
economically integrated society we live in today, (check those secret (govt course) trade
(economics course) negotiations going on with 40 countries (geography) that is all over
the news (not the drug, murder, accident report news). Maybe this is the solution to low
skilled immigration (legal or illegal makes no difference)?

HISD is going to make our own low skilled low thinking society- I knew there had to be a
solution somewhere.

Now, I am definitely not endorsing that a textbook or an e-book is the answer to all things
educational. BUT, if a child has no or very few books in a house, is not read to, or encouraged
to read and think- just how are they going to develop those inquisitive search skills that we all
use on the computer to self-teach ourselves? Those endorsing the 21st Century schools idea
have wonderful ideas, but remember we all started with developing that curiosity to learn from
books- and from a variety of books to better synthesize and evaluate usefulness and accuracy
of information or if it even fits in with our ideology. But now, HISD is removing even that. As I predict
the future... more teachers will run because they cannot be the masters of their content when they
have packed classes with no discipline enforcement (remember HISD doesnt want to hear those
discipline problems- it hurts rankings), wide ranges of abilities and multiple preps to do this. The f
uture is more less prepared, less skilled students, more teachers running, fewer students staying
in the district. The future is looking pretty sad....
HISD has the gall to ask for a code restriction exemption to reduce
required parking spaces in the third ward

HISD's response to dwindling enrollment at Yates is to build another
school in competition with it....without doing adding programs at Yates  
Chief Middle Schools Officer Michael Cardona looking to get out of HISD
Cardona is hoping to beat out 40 other applicants for Albuquerque  superintent's
position (Cardona Michael Middle Schools Office Chief School Officer $176382.6075).

Cardona was hired by Grier in May 2012.  In the Grier administration, his almost 3-year
tenure with HISD is long.
The hypocrisy of Students First: Group uses astroturf organization to
undermine public school teachers
Pearson Education in the gutter: Testing giant accused of spying of students
during NJ's PARCC exams

UUAA Excecutive Director Gerry Monroe blasts HISD trustees for
neglecting kids (5:03 mark) 

Texas, land of plenty, still finds its education expenditure in the
bottom third of the nation

 AUSTIN — Texas has moved up several spots in spending per pupil in the U.S. thanks
to rising property values and more state funding, but its ranking in the bottom third of states
in a new study still undercuts its position in the long-running school finance case. Figures
compiled by the National Education Association and released Wednesday show that Texas
schools are spending an average $9,559 per student in the current school year. That is well
under the national average of $12,040 and ranks Texas 38th among the 50 states and District
of Columbia. 
Continue reading report.
HISD's gear up for STAAR is anticlimactic 
Whatever happens this testing season some results have been
*HISD will spin the results as a testament to their leadership
*The trustees will search for a way to award Grier with $$$
*The division between rhetoric and results will not save the
 principals who have already made Grier's hit list
*No one in power will ask the obvious question: If you over-test
 students, how do you expect them to stay focused on the ones that count?
*The Houston Chronicle's Ericka Mellon will only write what the district
 tells her to write about the results
*When the high school EOC results are finally presented to the board,
 most of the trustees will be out of town, disinterested
*However the results are tabulated into value added stats, the teachers
 at the schools where ASPIRE money is plentiful will see windfalls;
 teachers at the schools withe the neediest students will see few bonus $$
HISD teacher vacancies shoot up to 405

The individuals who give the most - their time, passion, money - are mere
pawns in the ongoing power plays orchestrated by Roland Fryer and Terry
Grier and approved by trustees who should know better by now but don't.

HISD teachers are being forced to give intrustive, error-plagued DLAs,
or shapshot tests, with principals and SSOs monitoring the administration
process every step of the way. 

The snapshots are indeed a mess. The tests themselves are poorly written,
rife with errors, and the scope of the testing program, at first limited to
Leverage Leadership Schools, now encompasses the entire district.

Lance Menster is the chief in charge of this project in HISD. What exactly
is he trying to prove? (Menster Lance Elementary Curriculum Instruct Officer,
Curriculum & Instruct $133900)

Initially, the snapshots were designed to check the effectiveness of the
Leverage Leadership Initiative. Menster worked behind the scenes to
expand the testing, hoping to snag a higher paying position in curriculum
and instruction. Pleasing Grier and Fryer proved to be his ticket to a
$134,000 annual salary.

It's unfair to fault HISD's curriculum department for the many errors in the
tests. The staff has been directed to produce the tests quickly and send
them off to Harvard for approval. Apparently, Fryer's department isn't
big on proof-reading.  What difference do a few errors make when career
advancement is the cause du jour?

Menster is a brutal task master with these exams. He wants them done
quickly. Appeals made by his staff to lengthen the production time 
to improve the product have been ignored.

Menster has convinced two trustees he is a boy wonder. Mike Lunceford,
although he doesn't want the snapshots in his schools, believes they
are a good tool for the other trustees to have for their districts.

Anna Eastman, whose stock continues to sink with her own district
schools and parents, clings to the belief they are helping the district

By the way, it comes to houstonisdwatch on good authority that Ms.
Eastman by no means wrote the editorial in the Houston Chronicle
trying to have it both ways on testing.

As it has been described, Ms. Eastman has neither the depth of thought
nor the writing skills to produce it. 

The UUAA is keeping it's promise. The Urban is set to depart Houston on 3/17/2015.
The destination is the State Capital. The mission is simple. Reforming HISD is not an
option. Exe. Director Gerry Monroe and his army are taking 2 bases to Austin. And
knowing the The Urban there will be some in your face controversy. This group has
made in roads faster than any group in the last 30 years fighting HISD. To support any
bill is a step outside the box. And THE URBAN has the political muscle to pull it off.
Monroe stated what has motivated him more than anything were the RACIST comments
made by board member Harvin Moore and Terry Grier at the last board meeting. Stripping
them of their power to dictate will be my pleasure. The Urban is filming the whole trip for
the purpose of a documentary.Not since the civil rights movement have we Seen a group
like this. Malcolm would be proud. So sit tight as the Urban gets ready to ride off into
History. Austin will never be the same. The month of April will be Epic for The UUAA.
Grier's reign of error: Another school chief finds
greener pastures

Dan Gohl is making a lateral move. Ericka Mellon writes that the
Broward County district is larger than HISD, but if you work for
a district in the top ten in terms of student population, how can
this move be seen as anything else but an escape?  
Board meeting video March 12, 2015
In an attempt to balance out attendance zones and reduce over-crowding,
HISD to consider changes to school zones (see Section F in agenda) 
Board will fail again to demand accountability in Haberman screening

Haberman Educational Foundation

HISD                                    District wide                         $24,000 (In-kind)         None
Haberman Education Foundation will provide free training events for principals
charged with the selection of teachers for their individual schools.
(from board agenda for 3/12/2015)
HISD touts its Hispanic student summit and provides campaign
platform for District III candidate Manuel Rodriguez

Districts like HISD are making teaching as unattractive as possible
Multiple reports of marijuana and xanax possession, laptop thefts, physical
violence, videotape of sex acts on campus, and even suspicion of child
pornography confirm reports of safety issues at Lamar High School
Terry Grier's Houston property on
Listed by

Back in February Terry Grier agreed with union leaders that more
needs to be done in HISD to stop bullying....but his administration,
i.e. hand-picked principals and SSOs are doing most of the bullying
and Grier is the biggest bully of all.

This one has got to get the Hypocrite of 2015 award, don't you think?
While Grier's power to hire, fire, and settle remain unfettered, Dallas ISD
hopes to clip Superintendent Miles' right to determine settlements with
departing executives
What kids want: more school focus on preventing dating violence
Fasten your seat belts: Lieutenant Governor Patrick unveils first round of
education "reforms"
*more virtual learning courses
*grading campuses as well as districts with A-F ratings
*making it easier for parents to take their kids out of failing schools
*expanding online course offerings
*expanding dual credit programs 
Dry cleaner in River Oaks at center of pollution enforcement debate
Slumping oil prices take toll on Texas job growth
Allegations made against HISD administrators by advocates
for students suspected of gang activity at Sharpstown High School
describe the typical ways HISD covers its tracks

First you accuse, then you suspend, silence, and sully with suspicion. There is no better
example of "TEAM Grier" in action that the way it's handled accusations made by
non-English speaking students against one of its favorite son principals, Rob

Keep in mind this isn't Mr. Gasparello's first brush with the law, nor is it his first
suspension from his job as principal of Sharpstown High School.  There are,
however, no records of criminal activity for Mr. Gasparello found as a result of
a Texas Department of Public Safety search by houstonisdwatch.

Grier and Gasparello have some kind of connection (talk among yourselves here),
and when houstonisdwatch queried HISD to uncover this connection, it was stymied
by no less than three documents defending HISD's right to withhold {potentially
damaging information from the public
}.  The Houston Chronicle and KTRK
were also snubbed in their attempts to find out why Terry Grier, who loves nothing
better than to fire employees, has come around full circle on Mr. Gasparello.

Grier even called in a favor from Randy Hardin, high-powered Houston attorney,
to defend Mr. Gasparello. (Again, talk among yourselves as to the potential nature of 
the favor for which Grier was owed).

houstonisdwatch does not know if the students are guilty or innocent, but they are being
shipped away to a DAEP.

We do know the pattern of attack. Remember when Anna Eastman was punished by
Grier when he threatened to close down elementary schools in District 1? Of course,
Ms. Eastman was against closing schools (or against closing schools in her district) 
before she was in favor of closing schools everywhere else. Yes, it does reek of
hypocrisy just as it will if it can be proven her recent editorial in the Houston Chronicle
was actually written by a Grier lackey on W. 18th St.

Seriously, an HISD trustee can't even pen her own editorial?

Eastman should know by now how Grier operates and stop voting to support people
like Roland Fryer and companies like Pearson.

Then there was Mary Nesbitt, former leader of a group that's gone totally undercover
called Parent Visionaries. Ms. Nesbitt was taking on Grier and had the connections
to know what most of us didn't. houstonisdwatch talked to her regularly in the build-
up to the 2011 board elections.

Grier's team went after Ms. Nesbitt, arranging editorials to be written about her by the
then newly formed shadow group Parents for Public Schools. Then the ever ready to
kiss Grier's butt rag called the Houston Chronicle published a supposed news story
about Ms. Nesbitt tape recording a meeting with HISD officials.

That wasn't newsworthy. What would be newsworthy is someone dumb enough to
go into a meeting with any of the HISD administrators and not tape record the proceedings.

In Texas tape recording a conversation without the other parties knowledge or
permission is allowed. In dealing with HISD, it is an absolute necessity.

houstonisdwatch doesn't know for sure but it seems likely Terry Grier's team
got a little too close to Ms. Nesbitt's husband. She balked and bailed out.

Now, Team Grier is busy working to uncover any dirt they can find on UUAA,
especially its Executive Director Gerry Monroe. Mr. Monroe told houstonisdwatch
Grier's operatives were moving in to smear his wife.

Unlike Ms. Nesbitt, Mr. Monroe isn't going to stop battling HISD. houstonisdwatch
has covered HISD for five years. The pattern of dirty tricks is so obvious. Monroe
knows the score.

So let's wind back to Mr. Gasparello and the immigrant students he allegedly
raised a hand to.  Terry Grier put him right back at Sharpstown after he was quickly
cleared. It helps to have a crackerjack attorney on your side.  Gasparello's return
draws attention away from the allegations, doesn't it?

There's another thread here but houstonisdwatch can't mention it yet. It doesn't
involve Gasparello or Sharpstown, but it does involve what makes the district
go round and round and Terry Grier stay here long past his welcome.

In this thread there are some players who might surprise you and some connections
that are well ensconced behind some nearly impenetrable walls. 

For a dictatorship to endure it must control the media. Coming up soon on
houstonisdwatch are emails which give us a glimpse of how the Grier
administration is controlling almost all of the local media, save for Greg
Groogan's brave reporting at My Fox Houston.

alleges blatant
disregard for state
graduation requirements
by eliminating .5 credit of
ECONOMICS for students
at Worthing, Jones, Sterling..

*State of Texas graduation requirements for high school students
*Complaint filed with TEA by community activitist Denetta R. Williams
LULAC alleges Intentional and Systemic Disparate Treatment
of and Discrimination against Hispanic Students on the basis
of race and national origin by Sharpstown High School Principal
and Faculty.

From LULAC's letter to HISD: 
In July 2014, complaints were filed with the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights
(DOE/OCR) alleging that HISD has discriminated against Hispanics on the basis of race
and national origin. Texas League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Districts 8 &
18 are filing this complaint with you/trustees and intends to file complaints with DOE/OCR that
discrimination against Hispanics continues in HISD in 2015, especially against those classified
as English Language Learners (ESL). Or who appear to be of immigrant background or who
associate with other Latinos in any size or type of group. Students are targeted and falsely
accused of perpetuating organized criminal organizations or “gangs,” without proof and in
direct violation of the proper procedures to save these children from dropping out- not forcing
them to do so through persecution and false accusation. 

The school system and the anti-Spanish speaking culture at Sharpstown High School have all
but failed these students. It seems as though in a school district that purports to put students first,
these have been made to come in last. Certainly, if it is a challenge getting students to graduate
from Sharpstown, these students have it the worst
Specifically we will complain that the HISD has a long history of “pushing out” Hispanic students  
with a total disregard of Texas laws. HISD also seriously harms Hispanic students with unlawful
removal actions and in the case below, inappropriate physical contact by the school’s administration.

Full text of LULAC's letter to Terry Grier and HISD trustees

The details of this case cannot be divulged to the public at this time. The case does represent,
however, another grievance against the Grier administration and the HISD trustees, citing
their failure to both recognize and prevent racial discrimination.

And the lesson to those who believe race, gender, or sexual orientation have been used against
them in the hiring and promotion process, or in the day-to-day treatment they suffer at the hands
of superiors? Concerns will not be addressed by the paper court Grier has installed in the EEO office.

Filing a complaint with HISD's EEO office is the first step. Be prepared to file a complaint with U.S.
Department of Education.

Mr. Dino Coronado, listed at as the support officer for Furr HS, is
the new school support officer for Wheatley High School. 

Here is a list of the SSOs current through Feb. 2, 2015.  Mr. Coronado is
not even on the list. Apparently, after his stint at Furr, he left HISD only
to return.

Doesn't Wheatley High School deserve more from HISD than a temp serving
as a School Support Officer?

Note: in the editorial below by Art Smith Mr. Coronado has no explanation
for the dearth of certified English teachers. "The situation will have to
remain the same until we figure something out..."

This is a response from a HIGHLY paid HISD employee who supervises
principals and makes over $100,000+ a year?

It's just pathetic.

Hello Everyone,    
This is Art Smith. My concern is the Stolen Instructional Time That Is Lost between qualified
teachers and non-qualified instructors is what's hindering classroom performance and 
short changing tax payers. How much lost instructional time has HISD thrown away with good
sounding excuses? I am a Parent of a 12th Grade Student at Phillis Wheatley High School. My wife
Koffey and I met with our son English Teacher Miss Allen last week because we were concerned
about how our son received an A/B Honor Roll Certificate for the first semester and then receive a
C' on his report card, for the starting of the second semester. That bothered me because my son is
so concerned about getting into College with top grades. So after my wife and I met with Miss Allen
on last Thursday, it was our surprise to hear from the English Teacher herself (Miss Allen), that she
have been taking on the task of Double Duty, by coming to the Campus everyday, giving instructions
to the Full Time Sub that has been subbing in her 12th Grade English Class while she spends everyday
on campus getting the 10th Grade Students ready for their State Mandated English STAAR Test.This
is a Cram/Crash Course, Type Style of Teaching. I told Miss Allen that this is not fair to her and if the
10th Graders doesn't the Standards to past the STAAR Test, their gonna look at her. That's not right.
I most definitely want all students to past the STAAR Test. I request that they receive quality, fair and
legal teacher from a Certified 10th Grade English Teacher, not abandoning the 12th Graders by taking
their teacher from them. This is not Fair at all to our Students (In The 10th and 12th Grade) on Phillis
Wheatley High School Campus.

According to the George W. Bush Institute and Global Education Report Card. 60% of Students Achievement
is Directly Related to the leadership of the Principal and the Teachers, therefore the staffing difficulties at
Wheatley and the lack of leadership by the administration puts our children in a perpetual failing situation. 

The new SSO (Mr. Dino Coronado) for Phillis Wheatley called me last night and said to me that this situation
will have to remain the same until they figure something out. I said to him that this is not acceptable in our 5th
Ward Community and at Phillis Wheatley High School. I also said that I understand that he is new and this
have been going on before he got here. I'm not pointing the finger at him. I see that he's trying. But I don't
agree, understand and will not accept the Principal and Administration allowing this to happen.
This is by design for our Kids to Fail. The Teachers and the Administration are failing the students, therefore
Terry Grier is failing our community. If it's happening at Phillis Wheatley, then the Community and I are asking
the Media to help us investigate if it's happening at other schools also or just at the brown and black schools. 
How can the 10th Graders Pass the STARR test without a Full Time Certified English Teacher in the Class Room?
Now I know Miss Allen is a Certified English Teacher for 12th Grade Students because she's my son teacher
and her name is listed on his report card, even when she has not been teaching him hands on with this
Substitute Teacher (WHO IS UNKNOWN)has been on campus the same time as Miss Allen is on campus
every day.

Questions? Is Miss Allen a Certified 10th Grade English Teacher? Where the 10th Grade English Students
Parents and 12th Grade English Students Parents notified when this change involving the Substitute Teacher
for the 12th Grade English Teacher and no 10th Grade English Teacher Missing when all this started? Can
Two Teachers be on Campus legally instructing the same class? At this time of the year a Teacher/Students
should have some strong rapport to the point where Strengths and Weaknesses of Learning Patterns should
be already identified by the students certified teacher. How can a Brand New Teacher come in and get the
same expected results by Teaching on the FLY(Fly By Night) and with a attitude?
1)What was the Teacher name and was she qualified to teach the 10th Grade English Class before she left? 
 2)Why is that Teacher no longer at Phillis Wheatley?
 3)Who gave the Principal the Green Light to have Miss. Allen go outside the State and Federal Law and Play
   the 2 Places at one time Game!
4)What was the last Date/Month/Year of the Missing 10th Grade Teacher?
 5) What is the name of the Sub,    that covers for Miss. Allen who told the Seniors? (according to their
statements     said, "I don't have to be here, Houston ISD sends me my check in the mail through FEDEX
every two weeks. Yall don't have to do the work if yall don't want to, it don't matter to me."
This is the Second time a Sub has been so Arrogant in the Class with our Son. Who is Hiring these People?
TEA is going to evaluate Phillis Wheatley according to the STARR test and we are Set Up To Faill way
before the TEST takes place. This administration must be held accountable and we in the Fifth Ward
Community Demand to be treated Fair according to Board Policies and Procedures and the State and
Federal Law. 

Teacher for 10th Graders getting them ready for the STARR TEST. Show me just one. Can someone show
me one other High School in Houston ISD, that does night have a Certified English Teacher for 10th Graders
getting them ready for the STARR TEST. Show me just one.
In the Black and Brown Community You All may not expect our Students to be something in life. I am a
Parent and my wife Koffey is a Parent that cares and I want to see a full investigation on why this have
been allowed to take place. We will not stand for this.
If we as Parents don't receive Fair and Honest answers concerning our students academics, as soon as
possible, we will be forced to Protest by the hundreds for our kids to receive a fair and legal education
that that have the rights as students to receive within the Houston Independent School District. 
I am a active and concern parent seeking help for a brighter and better future for my child and all
Art Smith

(Art Smith is a member of the United Urban Alumni Association. His wife Koffey Smith is seriously
considering challenging Rhonda Skillern-Jones to represent District II on the HISD school board
in the upcoming November election.)

HISD's web still lists Mr. Coronado as the SSO for Furr High School.


*Allen Patrice Wheatley High School Tchr, English $49600
*Harris Dyan Wheatley High School Tchr, English $50600
*Martinez Sandra Wheatley High School Tchr, English $52500
*Payne-Martin Burice Wheatley High School Tchr, English $56500
*Waller Stacie Wheatley High School Tchr, English $65304
Apparently, the anti-testing voices of all of us with common sense are
beginning to rattle the big corporate Pearson-loving school reform-backer

Anna Eastman wrote this editorial published in the Houston Chronicle
"...Many share my righteous indignation with these practices. But unfortunately, rather than
demand that the tests themselves be examined and improved – or that our local districts
prohibit days wasted with practice tests and lockdowns for kids in untested subjects, who
ultimately miss out on valuable instruction time – folks want to drastically limit the frequency
of testing or throw the tests out altogether..."

Eastman seems to forget her votes to close neighborhood schools have had lasting
negative impact on vulnerable students. 

"...The urge to retreat from an annual statewide testing system is tempting. Without tests, we
envision engaging lessons, rich curricula that combine complex problem solving with creativity,
reminiscent of an imagined schoolhouse from days gone by. I don't think we need to eschew
one to get the other. While I'd be my children's and many others' temporary hero for advocating
that way, I believe it would be a grave mistake – one that would have a devastating impact on
our most vulnerable kids..."

In choosing where to send her own kids to school, Ms. Eastman hasn't always been a champion
for the vulnerable campuses in HISD. Nor can Ms. Eastman explain why, as HISD's standardized
testing program has ballooned into weekly intrusions into the educational process,  parents
with means have taken their kids out of HISD schools.

HISD is facing credit and graduation issues at many high school campuses. Perhaps, if learning
were practical, challenging, and congruent with the natural urge we all have to explore those
things we are most interested in, more kids would be in school everyday and more kids would
be lining up in graduation regalia this spring.

Of course, CVPE is crazy, just like the rest of us who feel Big Testing is exploiting our
youth under the guise of helping underprivileged children.
houstonisdwatch filed a Texas Public Information request to obtain the
names and dollar amounts awarded to non-campus based administrators
through ASPIRE.

The district had no information responsive to this request.
UUAA supports increased pay for HISD police
The UUAA supports Chief Mock and his officers while being under paid. Exe. Director
Gerry Monroe states that every issue brought to the Chief is handled expeditiously. 
Mr. Mock treats his staff with courtesy and respect. I've seen it first hand. But to allow
other people to make the money that the chief isn't making is a travesty. All officers
need a pay raise. They are far more important to the safety of the schools than the
pencil pushers over at W. 18th. Officers like Willie Demby at Yates need more help,
more cameras and more pay. I salute the officers that strive to keep our campuses safe. 
Thank you Chief Mock
And all of the officers that lay it on the line daily.
G. Monroe
Teach for American just can't shed it's me-first image 
The disastrous impact of income inequality on public education
222 HISD police charged with protecting the safety of 28,410 HISD
employees and 213,234 students

With escalated violence in HISD schools under the leadership of the
Grier administration, the current HISD police force is grossly understaffed. 

Chief Robert Mock has impressive credentials, but by Grier administration
standards where Chief of Staff Jason Spencer earns $190,550 a year,
Mock's salary of $133,900 seems underwhelming given the critical task
his department is asked to perform on a daily basis.

Spencer Jason Chief of Staff Chief of Staff, 12 M $190550
Mock Robert Police Department Chief of Police $133900

The Grier administration's revolving door of principals has allowed
incompetent individuals to assume control of campuses, regardless
of how short a tenure they have.

Principals live in fear of Grier's wrath, and requests to add police officers
or to confess there are serious safety issues on your campus is a major
no-no. Just ask veteran Principal McSwain at Lamar whose discipline and
safety issues were exposed by local media. Ask Donetrus Hill at Yates who
refused to ask for assistance from the HISD Gang Task Force.

Grier was criticized by Guilford County parents in North Carolina who
determined his schools were too loose.  With stints in Sacramento,
San Diego, and Amarillo, Grier is not prepared to face the inner city
issues of poverty and violence that afflict many HISD schools.

Poverty rates remain high in big cities
Texas ranks 8th in list of states where kids go hungry
Why many inner city schools function like prisons
Role for police officers in schools
Teachers taking value-added evaluation supporters to court
Texas legislators weighing whether Pearson or ETS should get new Texas
testing contract

State contract for STAAR for the next four years to be awarded next month 

*Even Texas politicians have had enough of Sandry Kress
*The resurrection of Sandy Kress
*Sandy Kress, NCLB architect

Top 115 salaries in HISD as of Feb. 2, 2015
Latest HISD employee roster 
Lamar High School's McSwain highest paid high school principal


*Yates students will report on Donetrus Hill's unfit leadership; students who
walked out in both band and safety demonstrations will speak
*Safety concerns at Yates and throughout HISD are not being addressed
*Grier administration refuses to fund and staff HISD police to meet challenges
*Credit recovery program is in violation of federal law which forbids falsification
  of government documents
*UUAA will summarize community distrust of the Grier administration and
  HISD trustees by disclosing citizen complaints

HISD officials should be very concerned. UUAA has not revealed the documents
it possesses nor the conversations it has on file. It will do so at the appropriate

It's time to topple the Grier administration and the ignorant trustees who support it.

 TEA will hear UUAA's grievances about the Grier administration and HISD on
March 17, 2015.

*Fights recall Trustee Adams comments at board meeting regarding
 Lamar's gang problems
*Lamar's McSwain is a "lead" principal for Grier. What exactly is he leading?
*1900 students transfer to Lamar from other HISD high schools; 3241 total
  enrollment as of Jan. 2015 
HISD acknowledges problems with kindergarten GT testing
HISD's letter to parents
Gifted and Talented test abnormalities have put hundreds of parents
on hold

HISD claims Yates' credit recovery is "routine"
UUAA says abuses in program are widespread
HISD will conduct audit 
JOB WATCH: HISD still looking for 327 teachers
HISD quickly resolves accusations against Gasparello in
Gasparello's favor

Student advocate Robert Kimball plans to meet with HISD officials

HISD's Gasparello makes the national press...and not in a good way

interviews with students via video cast via USA Today
HISD's longtime Principal Herlinda Garcia, a Grier pal, named
LULAC's Principal of the Year
Greg Groogan Fox 26 Houston is investigating credit recovery
*he reported live from the Yates campus yesterday
*he received information from the UUAA and HFT that
 significant numbers of Yates seniors cannot graduate
*he is also investigating credit recovery issues across HISD
 Students are being told to sweep halls, clean desks
 Students are not being given the opportunity to complete course work
 Schools have merged credit recovery and asterisk removal programs

Original credit recovery program overview
HISD graduation labs
HISD's statement on graduation labs
Is HISD letting students cheat through its grad lab program?
Briar Forest parents unhappy with rezoning
Some Texas legislators want to make it easier for seniors who haven't
passed required state exams to graduate

Shock and awe: Has the Houston Chronicle finally taken an honest
view of HISD under Grier and the current trustees' leadership?

HISD ASPIRE Awards for 2013-14

Rob Gasparello, suspended Sharpstown
Principal, is probably getting a pass again 
from the public because he is principal of
...well...Sharpstown High School


From one superintendent to another, from one reform to the next, Sharpstown -
its teachers, students, and parents - has in many ways been ground zero for
HISD's attempts to be successful in accomplishing its core mission.

Established in 1968 to relive overcrowding at Lee High School, Sharpstown
High School became famous for a race riot in 1988. It is alleged to have
been payback for a previous racial incident.

Sharpstown and HISD officials claimed ignorance. They simpyl didn't
know that after two black students had been attacked by a white a
revenge attack was being planned by blacks.

Then in 1991 two portable buildings burned up. Arson was suspected.

In the late 90s, then HISD West Superintendent Anne Patterson sent Lee
High School counselors to Sharpstown to clean up "transcript problems."
Lee counselors found irregularities of all shapes and sizes.

To "save" Sharpstown, Ms. Patterson and HISD officials looked to....
the growing school reform movement, where else?

HISD invested $68 million dollars in a program labeled "First Things
First" that pledged to break down barriers between teachers and students,
require smaller classes, and, best of all, give students a new focus on
being in school.

You know Sharpstown was having severe student attendance problems.
Student attendance problems are always symptomatic of a looming
dropout crisis.

Superintendent Rod Paige had greater plans for his career than merely
being HISD's superintendent. He wanted to go to Washington, D.C.
He and George W. Bush, newly elected U.S. president, desperately
needed a big ol' Texas miracle.

Kenneth Cuadra, data specialist at Sharpstown, helped them create
one. In the process, student records were falsified. A long court battle
did not clear HISD. HISD did everything it could to make Cuadra the
culprit. HISD's efforts failed. Harris County prosecutors dropped the
case against Mr. Cuadra.

John Hopkins' University produced Dropout Nation. Texas ranked first
with over 1000 dropout factories.

Sharpstown and Lee High Schools made the list.

So even though there was this, and now this, many are giving the
beleaguered Sharpstown HS principal a pass.
Hany Khalil, Ruth Kravetz, and Anne Sung nail it in
critique of HISD's corporate school reform

Yes, HISD is in a precarious state and has been since the fall of 2009
"...The HISD board has invested in test prep at the expense of a rich curriculum
and precious instructional time, and instead of investing in teachers, librarians,
and counselors. This year elementary school students will take 16 district-created
practice ("benchmark") tests; older students take 30 practice tests. HISD has
earned scorn as the district that gives practice standardized tests to kindergarteners..."
Full text

HISD Trustees & Roland Fryer got one over on the HISD public
this past summer

Roland Fryer and HISD hoodwinked the public by agreeing to what, on
the surface, appeared to be a good deal for the district. But the loss of
instructional time caused by nonsensical DLA exams is much more
expensive, and detrimental, to real teaching and learning 
Roland Fryer's EdLabs contract with HISD
Texas bill will allow teachers to kill students for destroying
school property
Publishing giant Pearson hauls in billions in education dollars,
but do students benefit?

Retired teachers could face rising health care costs

A twitter storm may be brewing? 
Anna Eastman compares bond money to
three little pigs straw house

Does that even make sense?

Harvin recently retweeted Hardin retweeted "Je Suis Charlie"
Does this mean he supports pornographic pictures of the prophet
Mohammad? Is he encouraging HISD teachers to show these cartoons?

Of course, Ms. Harris won't make her tweets public, you have to ask her
for approval. Not exactly a believer in the public's right to know, are you,

And please follow houstonisdwatch on twitter!

*Bellaire HS leads HISD in number of A.P. exams administered in 2013-14 &

82% of exams were scored 3 or better

*HSPVA has the highest percentage of enrolled students taking A.P. exams and
the highest percentage of exams (90%) earning scores of 3 or better

HISD released its comprehensive Advanced Placement report for the 2013-14 school
year on October 14, 2014

Wheatley Principal Shirley Rose-Gilliam is used to constant
change, job movement

From 7/1/2005 through 2/14/2014 Ms. Rose-Gillian served as an
principal in three different Fort Bend ISD Schools, ending her
career there as a middle school principal with nine service
years in a principal's position. 
Ms. Rose-Gilliam's background information
and HISD job

Ms. Rose-Gilliam's answers to group

HISD welcomes Dr. Rose on Rose's hiring
abclocal on Rose's hiring
African-American news report on Rose

Did Trustee Paula Harris owe Gaither a favor?
Many red flags should have kept Gaither away from Yates HS

Jerry Gaither taught PE at Attucks about 15 years ago.He arrived with baggage -
teachers gossiped about him having been kicked out of his other schools.

I thought it was typical school gossip... until one day a female student came
screaming out of the gym and straight into the principal's office crying that Coach
Gaither had propositioned her. Our principal removed him and he never set foot
on our campus again. He was never officially fired or charged (he said/she said),
but apparently, this was what had gotten him into trouble at his previous schools.
Fast forward a couple of years and there was a story of how a male assistant
principal at Christa McAuliffe Middle School (in Fort Bend ISD) got in trouble for
telling a female teacher that she wouldn't get a favorable assessment unless
she slept with the a.p. Apparently the teacher had an audiotape of the threat
and the guy supposedly not only was fired but convicted. The a.p.'s name was
Jerry Gaither. That was the last I heard of this guy until your Yates/Gaither story.
This guy must have some friends in high places because it sounds like he's
been a predator his entire life. Probably Paula Harris's cousin or something.
Shaking my head. This district dismisses quality people by the hundreds
yet hires every incompetent and perverted individual with a pulse.
(submitted to houstonisdwatch by a colleague of Mr. Gaither's at Attucks
Middle School )



*car stolen from teacher's parking lot
*students in possession of controlled substances
*student in possession of stolen HISD property & marijuana
*suspect hit complainant without consent
*Breaking & entering with intent to steal
*Narcotics found on campus
*complainant threatened
*arrest for bodily assault in a public school
*"threat to kill" made against student
*more assault
*caller: "Female in route to kill the principal"

(houstonisdwatch obtainted this information through a Texas Public
Information Act request)

There's more assault, marijuana, threats. Click link above.
Anyone who teachers at Sam Houston High schould receive a valor
award and a bonus. 
Lauren Topek of Shadowbriar shame went to Spring ISD
Lupita Hinojosa was a Mark Smith kiss up. She did his bidding at every turn, she was
nothing more than a passive-aggressive control freak. And by the way. Grier had no
use for her, he wanted to fire her years ago and probably celebrated the minute Watson
hired her in Spring. Watson also hired Lauren Topek. Anyone who's been in HISD long
enough will remember her horrendous behavior towards her janitor when she was a
principal. She was rewarded by HISD by being promoted to HR. Now she's been
rewarded again and given an executive position in Spring. Tell me why such
incompetent people always land on their feet?
Witness to the madness houstonisdwatch commenter
Terry Grier disappointed about Broad Foundation cancelling its
award for this year, especially with an election coming up

Fox 26 carries the real story of Grier's dog and pony show yesterday

Education reporter Ericka Mellon on the scene but doesn't report
For real news about HISD follow great all over

*UUAA Army crashes
Grier's event
*CVPE gives real state
of schools
across street from Hilton

THE UUAA escorted out of Grier
State of the Schools Address. 

The UUAA has shown again they have
zero fear. The Executive Director Gerry
Monroe  and his small army showed up
with one mission.
DESTROY this day of celebration for
Terry Grier. They were surrounded by HISD police. Mr. MONROE QUESTIONED was
tax payer money used for this event. The answer was no. Every city politician you
could name was in the building. The threat of jail didn't quiet him down. Police were
basically begging in for the UUAA TO LEAVE. Mr. Monroe told them if I leave this floor
I will bring hell on earth to HISD. Mr. Monroe has organized his own event. THE CITY
OUR SCHOOLS ARE TREATED. The UUAA has taken the front seat in the fight.
And the driver is Gerry Monroe. Make sure you attend this event with solutions
to the problems. HISD has met their match. Monroe just won't go away. But his
efforts may make Terry Grier go away for good.
Community Voices has common
sense agenda for Grier & HISD trustees
Why aren't they listening??

In 2014-15 WE ASK HISD
  • Support quality neighborhood schools; don’t close them. Change
  • HISD school closure policy to ensure at least one year’s notice
  • including communities as part of the process before making decisions
  • on closing or “restructuring” schools.
  • Limit class size.  Reduce class size waivers by at least 50% for 2014-2015.
  • Eliminate the use of STAAR as a promotion standard in non required
  • grades (3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th)
  • Restore extra pay for teachers with masters’ degrees
  • Keep strong teachers and principals in HISD. High faculty turnover destabilizes
  • schools and hurts children.
  • Provide nurses, librarians, counselors and social workers in all schools
  • Support Universal pre-K.


  • Restore full funding of public education
  • End the use of STAAR as a promotion standard.  STAAR should
  • be for diagnostic purposes only.
  • Charters receive public funds and must be required to admit and retain
  • all students just as neighborhood public schools do.

Why did current Yates Principal Donetrus Hill
hire Jerry Gaither in the first place? 

Jerry Gaither (Gaither Jerry Yates High School Tchr, Special Ed SC Lifeski Restricted Restricted XX 99999 Restricted      
$76,966.00 Yates High School 8/4/2013)

Even more obvious question, given this criminal record, why was Mr.
Gaither hired on August 4, 2013, and why is he still earning his
$76,966 salary?
(correction: Ms. Sheppard did not hire Mr. Gaither).
Cut-and-paste HISD board agenda for 2/12/2015
Grier's plan for Reduction in Force will, no doubt, please
anti-public schoolers like Harvin Moore but in light of

HISD's teacher shortages and the money the district
spends to recuit teachers, it's nothing more than a

Here's a challenge for the HISD trustees...for once, flex your 
muscles, take a stand, and vote NO to Riffing in 2015-16.

UUAA does not support Riffing,,,and it will be present at
the board meeting when this issue is discussed...
Are dual credit courses as challenging as A.P. & I.B.
courses? Grier thinks so, and he's pushing for weighted
grade points for dual credit

houstonisdwatch has heard from A.P. teachers who do not
support the balancing in weight for G.P.A. purposes of
dual credit courses, administered through HISD's partnership
with H.C.C. and rigorous A.P. & I.B. classes.

Grier's proposal will get a second reading at Thursday night's
board meeting.
Westbury 2012 bond money used to fulfill promises HISD made
in 2002 & 2010 

$8,000,000 in HISD promises to Westbury High School amended
to follow through on previous land acquisition and promises to
HISD board agenda for Feb. 12, 2015 meeting
Grier wants $4 million to study facilities; could be precursor to another
bond election 

Where is the outrage in
the Milby community
concerning proposed
cuts to Milby's 2012
capital improvements -
no swimming pool, no

Board Bond workshop claims 100% inflation hindering scope
of original bond promises

*Original 2012 bond promises made to high schools

*HISD points out other districts are experiencing unexpected
 higher costs, too 

Koch-GOP declare war on public education

How many meetings with HISD officials does one organization
need to have before it becomes very clear HISD has no interest
in responding to community concerns?

How long can District IV Trustee Paula Harris continue to throw the
proverbial finger at her constituents and suffer no consequences?

UUAA Exeuctive Director Gerry Monroe, completely aware of the
futile nature of grieving the district, followed district protocol
by filing five. Two mandate the removal of Superintendent Grier.

In addition, he has filed complaints with the U.S. Department of
Civil Rights on behalf of his constituents. 

There are trustees who disagree with Paula Harris and the
Grier administration. But they have not spoken out forcefully
enough, they have not been clever enough, nor have they
put principle over the need to perpetuate the facade that
everyone in HISD is getting along.

Looks like the feds, who are already in HISD investigating financial
impropriety, Larry Marshall's pay-to-play contract involvement, 
and numerous civil rights complaints will have even more to do.
Yates Principal Hill: Accused of inappropriate sexual
behavior with a male student, was cleared by HISD police

Based on being accused on inappropriate sexual relations with
a male student, Yates Principal Donetrus Hill should have been
suspended and assigned duty at the HISD warehouse

Here is the report alleging inappropriate conduct against Mr. Hill.  

The investigation cleared Mr Hill but it raises several questions:
How many other HISD administrators have been accused by
a student of engaging in same sex relations with another student?

If the district believes the student bring the accusations made false
charges, why wasn't he or she disciplined according to porcedures
outlined in the HISD Code of Student Conduct?

Did Paula Hill interfere, inappropriately and in violation of HISD board
policy to ensure Mr. Hill was not suspended from the campus, as he
should have been, during the investigation? 


The votes just aren't there to extend Terry Grier's contract again.
A lack of follow through on major projects, lack of accountability, and
a lack of academic progress commensurate with the promises made
are forces working together to end the reign of Terry Grier in HISD.

Most important of all, however, is a lack of community support for Grier's
programs and policies.

Grier's contract extended through 2016

Sure, there are votes to extend his contract. Harvin Moore, Paula Harris, Greg
Meyers, and Manuel Rodriguez have always come through for Grier.

Wanda Adams won't risk further angering of  the community by voting to
extend Grier. Anna Eastman, Juliet Stipeche, and Mike Lunceford clearly
wouldn't support an extension.

Rhonda Skillern-Jones could be the wild card but Jones is not looking
favorably on Grier at this time. She is especially displeased with Grier's
choice of high schools chief Harrison Peters who, so far, has bumbled 
his way through his job.

For Grier, the best he could hope for is a split vote with one abstention.
He would have no choice but to resign. The vote, however, is probably
5-4 against Grier, possibly 6-3. Rhonda Skillern-Jones wants the
support of the UUAA. So does Manuel Rodriguez.

houstonisdwatch has been told the UUAA is not going to support
Rodriguez. In fact, the UUAA is working with Latino leaders to
field a credible candidate to run against Rodriguez. 

It's impossible to verify this information through TPIA requests.
houstonisdwatch learned about Grier's current tenuous status
through off-the-record conversations with key constituents.

And while I'm leaping into the future, let me put this out there:
Grier's hatchet men, the hires made because of nepotism and
favors owed, and, most especially, the vindictive principals, 
assistant principals, and S.S.O.s who have contributed nothing
to real student learning - all of these individuals need to be
pink slipped when major changes occur.

School board members risked being
labeled racists if they did not vote
to give Larry Marshall a commendation
upon his exit even if they backed Gil

Ramirez in his suit against Marhall

houstonisdwatch obtained this information from a very high ranking
source in the district but is not at liberty to divulge his identify.

Houston Chronicle has the Gil Ramirez article behind a pay wall. As a
protest against the Chronicle's negligence in covering HISD, houstonisdwatch
no longer subscribes.
NAACP drops lawsuit against HISD over Jones High repurposing
Fewer top college graduates want to join Teach for America
HISD State of the Schools Feb. 15, 2015
Updated HISD enrollment report (1/30/2015)
TEA communication with HISD on class size waivers
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Corruption in charter schools

Quiz: Which two board members have voted to close every school
up for closure which served primarily black and brown students?

Answer: Anna Eastman & Harvin Moore

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Redundant administration of standardized "bubble and erase" tests discourages student learning and is
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