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Anne Sung campaign needs your support to throw dangerous Harvin Moore out of office
Harvin Moore pollutes intelligent discussion in HISD. He is self-serving, myopic, and
data-challenged. He cannot see the slide taking place in HISD under his chum Grier.
He puts the needs of his own children ahead of what's in the best interest of all
the children in this city.

Harvin Moore has wasted our tax money by urging not one, but two, contract
extensions and bonuses for Grier. Like a little girl with a new Barbie doll, Harvin
Moore cooed over imaginary test gains this year then patted himself on the back
for being so smart to support Grier.

The Anne Sung campaign is doing research on Moore now. With three months to
go before the election, Sung is getting ready to make a big splash on the scene.

Sung and Moore are opposites. Harvin sees HISD as a pipeline and gravy train
for TFA. Sung understands the value to experienced teachers. Harvin thinks
Lee High School is a success and Davila-Rodriguez is a model leader. Anne
lived through the hell Davila created at Lee and knows the true standing of
the abused school.

Harvin Moore has got to go.
How ALEC forced Chicago school closings: from Bad Ass Teachers Association
Why should parents raise money to pay for common core testing?
From Diane Ravitch's blog
Retweeted from former Lee Principal Steve Amstutz's Twitter feed:
World's most famous teacher blasts school reform

Two new middle college high schools and independent review of Apollo highlight
board meeting


More than 20 percent of campuses in the Houston Independent School District failed to meet the state's
tougher academic standards this year, according to data released Thursday.

Across Texas, 10 percent of schools fell short in the new rating system, which for the first time holds
them accountable for results on the state's more challenging standardized exams that launched last

Most districts in the Houston region fared well. Every campus in Cypress-Fairbanks, the second-largest
local district, met the standards. In Fort Bend ISD, which ranks next in size, one school fell short.
Continue reading Ericka Mellon's report.
Houston Chronicle releases latest school ratings
HISD an outlier as 84% of schools in Texas meet standards

New law gives HISD bus drivers more defense against problem bus riders
Larry Lehmann of Giddings to pay $400,000 as penalty in HISD's E-rate scandal
Report does not list which HISD officials accepted illegal perks
LECJ may be back on the market: from

Anyone care to explain this picture??

Board meeting agenda for 8/8/2013
HISD hires yet another school chief
You've got the appreciate the tongue-in-cheek sarcasm Ericka Mellon displays here

Board Monitoring System Report is an indictment of Grier's leadership
There are few ups in the Board Monitoring System report (which $400,000/year consultant
Mikas Vittal helped produce). Graduation rates are up, but Terry Grier has never defended
the district against charges it is running diploma mills through its Grad Lab programs.

From Diane Ravitch's blog: Dallas ISD teachers flee, Superintendent under investigation;
Superintendent's  family leaves Dallas

As complicated as trustees like Harvin Moore want to make it, the report isn't that difficult
to discern. Compare year-to-year test scores through these pages.

Grier deflects responsibility for making HISD a terrible place for teachers to work so
now he
blames the principals.

So many areas, so much misdirected effort, show scores in decline. And who is
responsible? We know teachers have been fired, a wave of recent principal terminations
show they are not safe, SSOs chopped (Lindo??) and Orlando Riddick demoted -
all because of the failed leadership fo the superintendent, Michelle Pola, hatchet-man
Mark Smith, and money-grubbing board members.

How long are we going to allow the kids of our city to suffer under this dysfunctional
administration? Don't the young people of this city deserve so much better?

When will Larry Kellner and the rest of the GHP wake up to see what's really going on?

No wonder Grier didn't have the moxie to show up and face his principals today.

In Dallas, a superintendent equally as ill-equipped to lead a major metro school district
is feeling the heat. Mike Miles is sending his family back to Colorado because they
can't take the pressure of protesters screaming near their home.  Our job is to turn up the
  on Grier. Where he goes isn't our concern. How and when he leaves is.
HISD keeps touting Madison HS as a paragon of educational attainment in HISD.  Looks
like fantasy land as scores just don't back up the claim...Pin Oak MS is the frist show
highlighted from the now defunct "Effective Teachers Institute"
New Texas public school rating system complicated and tough
HISD's comment: "...more strenuous...more complex...than previous one (rating system)"
Carla Stevens, HISD Assistant Superintendent for Research & Accountability
Read Ericka Mellon's report
Board to vote on independent review of Apollo tomorrow; Grier says "he does not
know how to do this (independent review)"
Ericka Mellon has the story at
HISD teacher vacancies down to 291 (including 23 science; 18 math; 15 CATE)
Six principal vacancies, including Yates HS
Transportation depatment needs 20

More fallout from Watson's memo:
from 26___of__August:
@ Chief Watson - Somebody must have been alarmed by the number of vacancies remaining so close to
the starting of the school year and the ASPIRE program is the only thing they could come up with. The idea
is shortsighted and based on the faulty assumption that the reason there are so many vacancies is because
principals lack the incentive to hire. If this assumption is valid, those principals should be fired. But, imagine
for a moment a principal who needs to hire four or five teachers for their building, which probably is a building
that potential hires may be reluctant to accept. This new ASPIRE policy assumes that prior to the bonus
eligibility requirement, they didn't want to get staffed up. But now with the bonus requirement, they will
scramble to find candidates and have those candidates navigate the steps involved to become officially
hired. The premise this policy is based upon IS THE PROBLEM. It ignores underlying causes of the problem
and incentivizes a quick fix that in the end will contribute to the problem it claims to solve. More importantly,
because of the assumptions behind the new ASPIRE policy, it is demoralizing. The "leadership" capacity of
this district is in steady decline. This is clear evidence of that decline. There is an absence of vision anchored
to principles that guide and inspire. Instead, we get quick fixes and debased policies that anchor us to the
failed assumptions that will result in more of the same.
HISD H.R. Chief Rodney Watson, aware of criticism directed at him, issues edict to defer
responsibility (Watson Rodney Eugene  Human Resources  Chief Human Resources
Officer Hattie Mae White Administrator 12 Months (Ex) $175,279.00 5/6/1972 6/7/2010
From Chief Watson HISD:
Aug 5, 2013 @ 10:03 PM delete
Can one Chief single-handedly change the ASPIRE criteria without Board approval? Seems that it can
happen in Rodney's World. In a letter entitled "Changes to the ASPIRE Award Program 2013-2014 and
dated August 5, 2013" he indicates, "To be eligible to receive the ASPIRE bonus for the 2013-2014 school
year, principals, lead principals and School Support Officers must have 100% of its teacher vacancies
filled by August 26. This new eligibility requirement is effective immediately." He goes on to praise HR
for increasing the candidate pool to 9,300 applicants this year thus, taking no responsibility for the
obvious poor candidate pool and placing all the blame on the schools and SSO's.

The one group he forgot are the Chief School Officers and other assorted cronies on the second and third
floors. Now you would think this type of action would cause Board members to least it should.
Why didn't this letter come from the superintendent? Could he be afraid of putting his name on this type of
top down directive?

Watson should be terminated tomorrow morning for the contents of this letter!

Mark my words...this letter will be canceled before the end of the week. If not, he has surely saved the
district millions of dollars in ASPIRE Award pay outs.

Another sad day in the history of HISD.
Broad Prize review board
Broad Prize selection jury'e entry on Broad

How much does a public education in Texas cost? Texas has no idea
Firing administrators is Grier's way of showing he's really really concerned about reform
David Edgerson Wheatley FIRED
Richard Barajas SSO FIRED 

Grier charged them with failing to turn around schools quickly enough
Suggestion....put Grier in charge of one of the lowest performing schools and give him just
two semesters to turn it around? I'm LMAO because Grier could never, ever do it.
 Dana Bost from Virginia willingly dived into toxic waters when
she accepted Grier's offer.  She will find swimming inhospitable here 


You have to admit it. The HISD school board is made up of some very slow learners. Why did
San Diego, Sacramento, and Amarillo catch on faster than HISD? Even Guilford County wised
up and ran Grier out of town.

Test scores for HISD were so bad this year the Greater Houston Partnership refused to allow
Ericka Mellon to publish them. The students who are trying to graduate on the TAKS plan
show how difficult it is to progress in Grier's system.

Reading scores in HISD, competing with the worst in the nation, aren't improving under
Grier's stewardship. Yet Grier verbally abuses his employees with smiling Michelle Pola
at his side.

If the trustees aren't looking for academic progress in HISD they must be looking to line
their own pockerts. C'mon, folks, this isn't rock science. HISD is corrupt.

Why hasn't the board questioned Grier's handling of senior job assignments? Why is
another Texan, this time Orlando Riddick, being publically embarrassed by Grier for
not creating mirales at Jones, Worthing, Yates?  What does Grier have against Texans
and, as Texans, why are we silently tolerating his abhorrent behavior?

Dana Bost will be supervising her husband-to-be at Wheatley. Nepotism = corruption
and it's just the tip of the iceberg.

She knows nothing about HISD. She accepted the position so her failures will belong
to her. She is going to fail miserably. The victims of her failure will continue to be
the group always victimized by Grier: HISD students.

She is described as quite meek and passive. She will not be able to stand up to Grier.

Why is the board so incompetent? Why are we allowing their lust for $$ to cloud
their judgement and ruin our school district?

Why is Grier still here? What are we going to do to make his termination happen? 
Teach for America is part of the problem not the solution
Organization has aligned itself with union-busters, neo-liberal school reformers, and is
aiding states cut education budgets across the nation: from 
Corrupt Florida school official resigns so why doesn't Grier?
Tracking down Dana Bost: From Virginia, with one recent year of high school
principal experience and reportedly engaged to the new Wheatley principal who also
just moved to Houston from Virginia (remember the Colemans?)...engineered by Grier.
Orlando Riddick and Dana Bost will switch positions
Grier's hopscotching of top positions makes a mockery of the board and his administration

Dana Bost, hired just a few weeks ago to fill Alan Summers' former position as the Assistant
Superintendent for College Readiness, is going to be a "leader" in HISD regardless of experience
or knowledge of the district.

Bost, Dana High Schools Office AC0825 Chief School Officer Hattie White ESC AD5 Administrator
12 Months (Ex) $167,887.50

Riddick, Orlando College & Career Readiness AC0990 Assistant Superintendent Hattie Mae White
ESC AD5 Administrator 12 Months (Ex) $116,368.42

Riddick has been demoted. He will lose $51,519.08. Look for him to leave HISD.
Looking at the salary difference it's pretty obvious why Summers left.

Orlando Riddick, generally described as a positive, functioning leader of HISD high schools,
is moving into Bost/Summers position. Insiders reported he was fed up with Grier's lack
of management skills and was looking for a position outside of HISD. According to the latest
insiders, Riddick was demoted by Grier.

Bost will take over Riddick's position.

Grier's moves are all power plays to increase his domination. They have nothing to do
with children or teaching and learning.

Ann Stern of the Houston Endowment has finally wised up. She can see Grier for the
fraud he is. When will the other power brokers, like the Greater Houston Partnership,
open their eyes?

The #1 victims of Grier's political plays are the students of HISD. 
The HISD trustees, by abrogating their authority in the hiring process, have enabled Grier to place
his cronies in positions of power all over the district
*HISD flow chart semi-validates Grier's statement that the Inspector General does not report
to him...but everyone else on this flow chart does

Grier's statement to Ericka Mellon, disavowing any responsibility for the failures of HISD's
Inspector General Robert Moore, would be persausive to anyone who took a quick look
at HISD's flow chart. The Inspector General's position is on line with Grier's, connected by
dotted lines to the board.

However, it's disingenuous because Grier controls everyone else in HISD. He hires and fires
at will. He has eviscerated the committee interview process to install his cronies throughout
the district.

A good example is HISD's Transportation Manager Nathan Graf. Graf has been investigated
by Moore for two years. New allegations against Graf are surfacing. Yet Graf remains in his
position, unfazed by Moore's findings.

As long as the board has abrogated its legal responsibility to monitor ethical practices to
its power-hungry superintendent, it allows an impotent Moore to be dominated by the
political interests of Grier.
Discrimination continues to take many forms in America
State to relax test standards: from
but...8th graders really not benefitting much from cuts

TEAM Grier is out of sync again: Disposing of veteran teachers contributes to expected
teacher shortage in the state

Dallas ISD uses threats to keep teachers from resigning

(Moore Robert E Houston TX 77053 M 8 406 Office of the Inspector Genera FA0185 Inspector General
37 9700 Hattie Mae White ESC AD5 Administrator 12 Months (Ex) $174,571.77 10/29/1979)

In 2008 Robert Moore's office investigated an incident involving a custodian and a female student
at one of Houston's largest high schools. A sub-contracted investigator came to the school, spent
over an hour with an administrator, then disappeared to write his report.

Several months later he produced a report. The report was fictitious. It contained no information from
the interviews conducted on campus nor any facts given to him by the administrator. At that time
HISD was divided into regions. The regional superintendent read the report and immediately
threw up red flags. She did not believe the report was accurate.

When the regional sup. questioned Robert Moore about his underling's report, Moore assured
the sup. an investigation would be done and a follow-up report would be written.

No investigation was ever done and no follow-up report was ever written. When the regional sup.
questioned Moore several months later, he simply said the investigation was ongoing.

Apparently, that is the only answer he knows how to give.

In 2011 many transportation department employees filed E.E.O. complaints about unqualified
Nathan Graf. The accusations against Mr. Graf were very clear.   A senior member of Graf's
staff, Larry Allen, verified the accusations.

Many individuals left Graf's department and landed management roles in other districts.
They know Nathan Graf is not qualified nor capable enough to run the department.

I emailed Leo Bobadilla, HISD's head honcho for business services, several weeks ago,
inquiring about the serious charges made against Graf and questioned why Graf was
still in charge of the department.

Bobadilla told me Moore was still investigating.

The HISD inspector general's office is another arm of the corrupt Grier administration.
Grier disclaims responsibility for the offic,e but he is behind the scenes manipulating
investigations and micro-managing. It's Grier who keeps Robert Moore in his job,
not the HISD trustees.
Anne Sung's stock is up; Harvin Moore's is down
Anne Sung
speaks to CVPE about Texas legislation
Anne Sung on

Anne Sung's Facebook page.

The twitter account for her (if it is hers) is private as is a Google+ page.

Anne is challenging Harvin Moore in District VII. Many of us are ready
to get behind Anne in a big way. Harvin Moore has got to go for many
reasons one of which is his neglect of Lee High School. Anne has
firsthand knowledge on that one. 
Grier disclaims any responsibilty for HISD's inept internal auditing program; longtime
Inspector General pooh-poohs importance of report

Ericka Mellon has this report at

Ericka Mellon is on top of this story at 
Why on a board of nine members are only three - Lunceford, Eastman, and
Stipeche - asking for this information?

"...Earlier reports on Apollo from Harvard University researcher Roland Fryer generally have shown students
boasting significant progress in math test scores, with weaker results in reading.

Stern said in a July 22 letter to Grier and school board president Anna Eastman that she wanted to meet with
them and Fryer in "light of the seriousness of (the foundation's) concerns."

"Most significantly," she wrote, "the report lacks meaningful data with respect to academic performance
results and there is no evidence of any external validation..."

No surprise in Westside magnet  upgrade: Grier really wants Greg Meyers to win

Westside is, by far, one of the most well-taken care of high schools in HISD.  Opened in
2000 the campus looks much more suburban than urban with former regional superintendent
Anne Patterson's favorite, Scott Van Beck, leading the school as its first principal.

But this is election season. Grier has a 100% reliable vote in the guy he helped find employment
for, a vote so reliable for Grier that Greg Meyers didn't even vote against the second attempt
by Grier to alter school start times. Even Grier-reliable Harvin Moore voted against it.

Is anyone challenging Meyers in District VI? Meyers claims to be a Republican but he has voted
for every initiative proposed by the Obama administration which directly effects HISD.  He
could be vulnerable.  By adding a health magnet to Westside HS, Terry Grier is certainly
trying to help Meyers out, build more indebtness, and keep a reliable yes vote for future
A school district where trustees know they are the boss of the superintendent; in HISD, it
seems to be the other way around...

Who elected Eli Broad? from Diane Ravitch's blog
 Why is a business man accused of breaking promises, who is
CEO of KB Homes, a company that has generated a
consumer protection website
devoted solely to complaints about his construction company, telling school
superintendents how to behave? Better yet, why are they listening? 

Eli Broad can't get his own construction company in order but he has time to pollute
the U.S. public school system with his superintendent's training academy
(paste  link in address line)
*Broad teaches superintendents how to manipulate and control school boards
*Broad emphasizes local media control by school districts (hiring personnel
  from newspapers and radio to place in district media positions)
*Broad indoctrinates superintendents to believe a business model will work
 for schools
*Broad sees students as inputs, robotic test takers easily directed
*Broad believes teachers, especially teacher unions, are the main problem
 (not poverty, violence, neglect, or single parent households, for example)

Grier is a disciple of Eli Broad and the HISD board has adopted Broad's model of
school reform. To save HISD and make HISD a a vibrant, local school district
operating in the best interests of its stakeholders, the minority voices on the board
(Eastman, Stipeche, Lunceford) need to become the majority.
Value of education deemed expendable: from BATS
Stop the war on Texas teachers
As an HISD teacher have you been threatened? Assaulted? If you needed assistance from
the HISD police, did they offer it?

HISD claims the number of discipline incidents is down.

The Houston Chronicle quoted HISD on it but never asked any questions to make the
district .  Doing so would detract from the feel good stories the Chronicle publishes about

And HISD teachers are not alone.
Texas teachers are suffering due to a lack of enforcement and protection by district administrations, l
aw enforcement, and administrative agencies that have left many teachers without a voice. Some teachers
in this state have been dehumanized and oppressed; they have been stripped of their rights, their voices,
and their basic utilities of instruction. It is time that educators be given back the power in their classrooms
and be given the rights to speak, stand up, and most importantly educate. They are trained and degreed
profressionals who have important input into the currently dysfunctional education system. Their voices
must be heard and taken into account.
Sign the petition
Up against formidable odds
This comment by veteran houstonisdwatch blogger Tired????? shows how the odds
are stacked against taking back the HISD board this fall. We are fighting the GHP,
lots of contractors, and a neo-liberal reform movement that sees HISD as its chief
guinea pig.

The companies that are doing business with HISD are Mr. Moore's contributors, (The law firms , tax collector,
Builder all voted for by Mr. Moore... makes you go HMMM???????? LOOK FOR YOUR SELF

Harvin Moore (District VII) Raised: $7,100 Spent: $9,522.85 Amount on hand: $12,563.86 Biggest donors:
Andrews & Kurth law firm ($500); Bobby Singh ($500); Jacob Monty ($500); Karun Sreerama , CEO of ESPA Corp.,
($500); Gabriel V asquez ($500); Tellepsen Builders ($500); Bracewell & Giuliani law firm ($500); Thompson &
Horton law firm ($500); Linebarger Goggan tax collection law firm ($500); Perdue Brandon tax collection law firm
($500); Republic Services Employees for Better Government PAC ($500)
by Tired????? (Jul 26, 2013)
HISD is bad, but teaching in North Carolina could be so much worse
The war on teachers and teacher rights continues in the United States unabated. Now North
Carolina, the new focal point for all the Rethuglican crazies, has passed anti-teacher laws
(as well as anti-women laws, anti-voting rights laws). Terry Grier must salivate when he
reads about what's going on in his former state.

Of course, they don't have much use for overpaid superintendents with bloated bureaucracies
either, so he would be out of luck.

Professional Educators of North Carolina has the news.
Sugar Grove Academy welcomes new principal
Lynett Hookfin apparently will lead Sugar Grove. Like many other principals who leave HISD, she has become
sought after by the district after a stay in St. Louis. Whether she can turn around the troubled campus
remains to be seen. Discipline problems and low test scores - really not much different than many
campuses in HISD - pose her biggest challenges.

The staff at Sugar Grove, many of whom will be new this year, look forward to the change.

Bad leadership is the norm in HISD.  If the Titanic had had a different captain, would it have
avoided the iceberg?

 Terry Grier and Leo Bobadilla are co-conspirators in Nathan Graf's
discriminatory and chaotic transportation department. They could remove Graf
immediately. What does he have on both of them?? 

Complaints include:

*Failing to pay employees for time worked
*Habitually making HISD students late to school by inane bus schedules
*Overcrowded buses: Nathan Graf and assistant Aric Taylor forced students to ride
 3 or 4 to a seat
*Failing to serve minority communities through poor scheduling and administrative neglect
*Constant changes of personnel; Mr. Graf's fear of his ignorance being exposed (it has been)

The problems in HISD's transportation department are part of the larger pattern of discrimination
and neglect of students under Terry Grier's leadership.
(This information was obtained through a TPIA request made by houstonisdwatch.)
Perry's economic legacy is a mixed bag but corporate welfare has flourished under
his watch: from

Thousands of Texas students forced to repeat grades
Coming up: 155 pages of complaints filed by HISD bus drivers citing discrimination
against minority bus riders in Nathan Graf's transportation department.

The relevant question now concerns the trial delay in relation to Marshall's reelection

Voters often return corrupt politicians to office, especially before high profile trials begin.

Marshall is being investigated by the FBI. Whatever the FBI has found remains
hidden from the public. An indictment issued anytime before the November election
would make Marshall's reelection all that more difficult.

Marshall is planning to run. The voters in District IX will decide his fate.

Marshall and Grier share some common vices, notably the lust for power and money
above all else.

Marshall is a guaranteed "Yes" vote for whatever Grier wants, and Grier is all too
happy to overlook Marshall's financial schemes.
Marshall gets trial pushed back to December 3 but judge grants Gil Ramirez Group
key request

"..In addition, the judge granted a request by Ramirez to force HISD to produce a representative who could
testify under oath about district staff or school board members who had knowledge of Marshall’s “relationship
and activities with any vendor,” including RHJ-JOC and Fort Bend Mechanical, the two construction companies
being sued..."

Read Ericka Mellon's report.
422 teaching vacancies in HISD
Fort Bend will discover what much of HISD already knows: Xochitl Rodriguez-Davila
is no effective leader & Marla McNeal Sheppard will have a much harder time now that
gal pal & HISD Trustee Paula Harris doesn't have her back.

Dr. Xochitl Rodriguez was named as an Assistant Superintendent in Fort Bend ISD. Dr. Rodriguez has
served in public education for 16 years, most recently as a High School Improvement Officer for Houston
ISD. In her experience as a principal, she led successful turnaround efforts at both the elementary and middle
school levels. With her appointment as principal of Lee High School, she continued the work to “turnaround
the campus,” making significant gains in one year. Under her leadership, she successfully helped positively
change the culture at Lee High School, and the campus attained a TEA rating of acceptable for numerous years.
She has served as a principal mentor and a curriculum leader.

Dr. Rodriguez received her Doctorate Degree in Education in Educational Administration at the University of Texas
at Austin and earned her Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Houston.
She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish from Texas Tech University.

Marla McNeal-Sheppard was named as an Assistant Superintendent in Fort Bend ISD. She is a dedicated secondary
school principal with a proven track record of success and experienced at leading schools with high populations of
“at-risk” students. Most recently she was the principal of Yates High School in Houston ISD for seven years. Under her
leadership, Yates High School had academic gains in every subject area, with the significant increases just after one
year. Math scores alone were up 22 percent, and Yates met Adequately Yearly Progress (AYP) for the very first time.
She led Fleming Middle School from being a failing school to a Texas Education Agency “Recognized” school in four
academic years, and never missed AYP. She began her career of more than 18 years as a math and science teacher
in middle and high school, and received the TEA Gold Star for Algebra I results as a teacher.

McNeal-Sheppard was named the HISD Secondary Principal of the Year in 2010 and the Wheatley Feeder Pattern Secondary
Principal of the Year in 2007 and 2009. She participated in the Houston A8 Leadership Academy.

She received her Master of Education degree in Educational Administration from the University of Houston and her Bachelor
of Science degree in Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University.
Read Fort Bend News report.
90 stores offering discounts to teachers (information provided courtesy of an HISD insider
and BATS)

Los Angeles Times on NCLB 2: Don't toss out the gains
Enron isn't dead; bankrupt organization still funding "Students First" from Diane Ravitch's blog
North Carolina eliminates teacher tenure
The racist behavior of Nathan Graf is protected by Grier & Bobadilla
 Larry Allen is the highest degreed individual Graf wants him out . He has
been targeted by Grier & Bobadilla who's flunky is Nathan Graf
Larry Allen, Senior Manager HISD Transportation Support, files federal E.E.O. complaint
against department manager Graf

 Why is Grier protecting his transportation chief? 
In lust for contracts, Grier put HISD kids last when he signed KIPP's bus contract

Insiders report Nathan Graf is Bobadilla & Grier's lackey, knows too much, is protecting
Grier who was accused in this video of demanding contributions from contractors and in
this video too; Graf told KIPP kids come first; HISD kids last

Ericka Mellon gets a feature spread in today's
Here's a quote from Mellon's article which shows how out-of-step Grier
is with the citizens of Texas:

"...In addition to changing graduation standards, lawmakers also reduced the number of tests that high
school students must pass to graduate from 15 exams to five.

The reduction was welcomed by many parents and school leaders, but Houston Independent School
District Superintendent Terry Grier said more exam results were helpful in monitoring student progress
and teacher effectiveness..."
la-la landA state of mind characterized by unrealistic expectations or a lack of
seriousness (The Free Dictionary)

VIKAS MITTAL FILES: Email from Michelle Pola "Increasing oversight"
2012 Board Monitoring System:
Current BMS model and challenges
Divorced from reality in la-la land: In the midst of the opening week of school, top leadersare writing
smart goals, hypothesizing about staff changes, creating non-essential board items,
planning to "repurpose 10% of staff", create more consequences for their own staff's behavior, and
take work away from Grier.
Finding the right advertising lingo for the district via a positioning statement
"HISD is the school district of choice because we offer:
*a safe school
*a consistent education
*a rigorous education
Board monitoring metrics
Board monitoring system meeting agenda
Board monitoring metrics implementation plan

Debate on disputed curriculum continues: from
VIKAS MITTAL FILES: I think of my failures as a gift
But if your a teacher, I categorize your struggles as failures and look for reasons to
ire you: The hypocrisy of HISD's leadership team
Making schools businesses & using other corporate techniques to manage children
Mittal's literature preaches that moraility and equity are bad but efficiency is good
HISD leadership team is forced to read literature that blasts the American with
 Dissabilities Act, and the Clinton Health Plan
Dallas ISD announces its 2013 National Merit Scholarship winners
Houston area 2013 National Merit Scholarship winners

2010 HISD Value Added Report 
*data indicates mean NCE gain is below growth standard by more than 1 standard error
  on many grades 6 and 10 indicators
*Highest paid HISD employees receive reading assignments in email from Mittal to Pola
then to senior staff
  I guess these study points don't apply to teachers or why would HISD have a firing quota?
  *On the folly of rewarding...
  *I thinbk of my failures as a gift (kind of risky when TEAM Grier is riddled with failures, don't
   you think?)
*Why making the decisions the right way is more important than making the right decisions
*Results of Mittal & RDA's "Your Voice Survey" show people who spend the most time on
 HISD campuses are the most dissatisfied
 *74% of students are satisfied with school safety
 *73% of teachers satisfied with campus
*Fewer than 66% of campus administrators satisfied with central office
*About 1/3 of possible respondents completed surveys
*What the public needs to know is the percentage of surveys returned from each HISD campus
*Crime is down 17% in HISD in 2012 compared to 2011
*Students want more academic rigor
*HISD grades "B-"
Leading Educators assist Human Resources to the tune of $408,450
With a policy of loyalty-above-competence and a culture of corruption which allows
Larry Marshall to continue to vote on district issues and hold his seat as HISD's
representative on HISD, HISD is incapable of investigating itself.  Will Michelle
ever be investigated for her abuses of power? 
HISD principals September 2012-2013
HISD principals June 2012-2013

To say that Terry Grier and his team of spineless administrators are a cancer feeding off
of what was once a civil, even Christian if you will, culture in HISD is no understatement.

Ruining professional careers and making false allegations against employees, activities
that are fully supported by board hacks Harvin Moore, Greg Meyers, corruption-plagued
Larry Marshall, and contract queen Paula Harris, are crimes against the profession
we dedicated our lives to pursue.

You have this file to read because houstonisdwatch wanted to know why Grier went
to war with a veteran Thomas Middle School teacher when someone in his administration,
at least someone on the highly paid legal team, should have advised Grier and clueless
Principal Campbell they had no case.

The HERO in this sordid saga? Veteran HISD teacher Pamela Etienne-Branch who
had the guts and courage to call HISD on all of its subterfuge, refused to be
intimidated by the team of administrators HISD inflicted upon her.

How many different walk-through administrators should an HISD teacher
have to tolerate? How many classroom interruptions should a teacher
endure before drawing the line?

Etienne-Branch fought back hard.  She called upon her team of witnesses and fellow 
Thomas teachers who knew what a hellhole Terry Grier and his administrative team 
had allowed Thomas to become.  

Etienne-Branch engaged in trench warfare against HISD. She refused to let one
written comment about her, even what was reported to her as negative conversations
about her, pass by without  vigorous refutations.  She kept files. She documented.

Her case serves as a cautionary tale to teachers who simply believe HISD will do right
by them. Remember the axiom, "God helps those who help themselves." You've got to believe
in yourself, You've got to be willing to take anyone who makes false, derogatory comments 
about you to the mat.

You've got to be willing to fight back when you're fasley accused. You must have zero 
tolerance for Grier's termination quotas.

Etienne-Branch won her job back at Thomas. She even won monetary compensation.

houstonisdwatch obtained this information through a TPIA request. HISD refused to disclose
the file-link in this report and asked the Texas A.G. office to make a ruling. The Texas A.G. ruled 
it must be released.

Two other questions remain: How much monetary compensation did Etienne-Branch receive, 
and which board members failed to do their due diligence and really investigate this case? Those
board members need to be taken to the woodshed. They weren't elected to be Grier puppets. They
weren't elected to waste taxpayers money on frivolous termination cases.

houstonisdwatch will file TPIA requests to obtain the additional information. 

Please read the linked-file above. See Grier's hatred for veteran teachers be stopped cold by
the TEA hearing officer. 

Dallas ISD to hire independent investigator to probe contracts
Special education hearing: HISD prevails over parents 
Review finds trouble spots in HISD's special education department

Early childhood tax initiative could generate $25 million per year 
HISD pulls sale of LEJC property: from

The HISD trustees paid Vikas Mittal $400,000 to design a survey that resulted in a B-

minus grade for the district.  Hmmm, looks like some grade inflation to me...   
To reduce labor costs, Pearson hires just about anyone to score
STAAR exams

OUTRAGEOUS! You've read about this subject here a while back. Pearson hires just about
anybody to score student compositions and grade STAAR exams. Pearson Education conducts

its affairs in the spirit of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce - spend as little as you can on labor
costs & don't fret background checks...
" a lot of the people who work under and are sometimes supervised by my husband (who is a content editor
for the tests themselves--another department entirely) are ex-convicts or teachers who were let go for various
reasons. However, they only require a degree of some kind because it's generally all poorly paid temp work.
Until you get higher in (upper management and editing or building management) it's temp work where they
regiment how many and how accurately you score and treat you pretty poorly if you're not up to standard.
And I know this from personal experience from working there two summers ago before I got my license."
Dan Patrick's self-serving war on CSCOPE
Want to be a principal in HISD? You don't even need to be certified...just take the Haberman
scam and wait your turn. You are guaranteed job security for at least a few months.  Cheers!
Scarborough Elementary School

It is my pleasure to announce that Miriam Medina has been named principal of Scarborough Elementary
School. Ms. Medina has been a member of Team HISD for 27 years. She currently works as Performance
and Continues Improvement Manager under Human Resources. Prior to this position, Miriam was a Teacher
Development Specialist working with the Apollo Elementary Schools. She supported teachers in their professional
development by collaborating with them directly in their classroom while assisting them in implementing best

Ms. Medina graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s degree of Architecture and holds a Master’s
degree in Education from the University of Saint Thomas.

Durham Elementary School
It is my pleasure to announce that Angie Sugarek has been selected as the next principal at Durham Elementary
School. Ms. Sugarek began her career as an elementary special education teacher in Austin ISD. She held a number
of positions in AISD including teacher, instructional specialist and assistant principal. Since moving to Houston in 2007,
Ms. Sugarek has taught math and science at Hogg Middle School and supported the implementation of the Teacher
Appraisal and Development System as an employee of The New Teacher Project. She currently serves as the dean of
instruction at McReynolds Middle School.
Ms. Sugarek earned her Bachelor of Science degree in History from Eastern New Mexico University and her Master’s
degree in Educational Leadership from The University of Texas at Austin.

Burbank Elementary School
It is my pleasure to announce that Diego Calderón has been appointed as the principal of Burbank Elementary School.
Mr. Calderón started his career with Galena Park in 2000 as a classroom teacher. In 2009, Mr. Calderón was named assistant
principal in Stephens Elementary, Aldine ISD, where he served for 4 years.
Mr. Calderón earned his Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages and Master’s degree in English Literature from the
Universidad de Extremadura, Spain. He earned his Educational Leadership Certification from the University of Houston-
Clear Lake.
Texas Attorney General orders HISD to release Joanna Foreman papers
(houstonisdwatch made a TPIA request for information about this teacher who was a victim of Grier's
war on teachers and termination quotas. HISD withheld information and asked Greg Abbott's office to
make a decision.)

Joanna Foreman vs. HISD Hearing conducted by a T.E.A. hearing officer
In this case Mr. Foreman was not terminated per this recommendation. In fact, her termination case
was removed from the HISD board docket because the preponderence of evidence collected in
2013 demonstrated that HISD's TNTP teacher evaluation system was flawed. Very flawed.

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